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Recepctor RMILEC TS-4047

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The RMILEC RD4047P 10CH UHF receiver offers the ultimate in range for your FPV model. It is designed for use with the RMILEC TS4047 transmitte module.

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RD4047P Receiver Specifications:
Frequency Range: 400MHz to 470MHz
Sensitivity :    
-112 DBM @0.1EBR(40Hz Refresh rate)(10Kbps low rate )
-111 DBM @0.1EBR(50Hz Refresh rate)
-110 DBM @0.1EBR(66Hz Refresh rate) (15Kbps high rate)
-108 DBM @0.1EBR(90Hz Refresh rate)
-104 DBM @0.1EBR(125Hz Refresh rate)
-104 DBM @0.1EBR(166Hz Refresh rate)
-101 DBM @0.1EBR(250Hz Refresh rate)

F/S turn on condition: >0.99EBR
Antenna gain: 2.15DBM
- Low rate mode
Refresh rate: 40Hz
Hopping rate: 40Hz
Hopping cycle: 13Hz
Recover time: 77mS
- High rate mode
Refresh rate: 66Hz
Hopping rate: 66Hz
Hopping cycle: 22Hz
Recover time: 45mS
Response Time: 4mS to 25mS 
PWM Output accuracy: 0.5uS step ERROR<20PPM
PWM Output range: 0.5mS-2.5mS
PWM output cycle: 55Hz @Normal mode / 192Hz @Fast mode 
PPM Output accuracy: 0.5uS step ERROR<20PPM
PPM Output range: 0.5mS-2.5mS Each channel
PPM output cycle:
50Hz @ Normal mode & 1mS to 2mS Output
42Hz to 50Hz  @Normal mode & 0.5mS to 2.5mS Output
50Hz to 83Hz  @Fast mode   & 1mS to 2mS Output 
42Hz to 125Hz @Fast mode   & 0.5mS to 2.5mS 
PPM sync pulse width:
4mS to 16mS  Automatic adjust @Normal mode / 4mS unchanging @Fast mode
RSSI output range: 0-3.3V (RF signal weak <0.8V)
Recommend Supply Voltage: 3.5V to 8.4V 
Shutdown voltage: 3V
Damage voltage: >15V
Reverse breakdown voltage: >-15V
Output ports withstand voltage: >12V
Normal Current: <60mA
Operating Temperature: –40 to +80 °C
Low frequency Power supply noise filter: Include
High frequency noise filter: Include

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