3DR 433Mhz AMP

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Acceso a el controlador 3DR en tiempo real

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Configure your watpoints speak with station 3 DR compatible Android tablet and protective covers.
Radios allow your computer 3DR ground station to communicate with your wireless carrier , offering unprecedented ease of use for data visualization in flight, changing missions on the fly and tuning.

Select the frequency :

Available in 915 MHz to 433 MHz U.S. and Europe .
The regulations often vary by country , so please consult your local authority to find airspace frequency that is legal in your area.
Radio assembly 3 DR includes :

Two radio modules with antennas
Micro -USB Cable
Android OTG Cable Adapter
6 - wire connector Pixhawk
6-a -5 positions PX4 APM and cable connector
Swap aerial and ground modules
915 or 433 MHz
Micro -USB port
DF13 connector 6 positions
100 mW maximum output power ( adjustable)
117 - dBm receive sensitivity
Based on the module HopeRF HM -TRP
RP- SMA connector
Full-duplex two -way communication through adaptable TDM
UART Interface
Transparent serial link
MAVLink protocol structure
Frequency hopping spread ( FHSS )
Configurable duty cycle
Corrected error correction up to 25% bit error
Open source Firmware SIK
Configurable through mission organizer and planner APM
Supply Voltage : 3.7 to 6 VDC ( or USB connector DF13 )
Transmit current: 100 mA at 20 dBm
Receive current: 25 mA
Serial interface : 3.3 V UART
26.7 x 55.5 mm x 13.3 mm (without antenna)