Training in installation, maintenance, repair and piloting of Drones: we adapt to our client's needs depending on the parameters listed above.


The enormous stability provided by SCALABITOLEO systems with accelerometers and 3-axis gyro, double micro, Barometer and magnetometers, combined with self-stabilization servomotorizados and two axis camera devices, allows us to easily achieve amazing images. If this is to join a guided advanced software for PC, versatility is maximized, allowing flights to perform distance that the inability to directly see the orientation of the device would be impossible to control with traditional devices.
The main differences between them and other models, based on the possibilities of load for different cameras and automatic flight by GPS devices. Smaller models can be loaded with photos Compact HD cameras and larger models allow the incorporation of cameras and FULLHD Reflex video.


The drones provide farmers with three types of detailed pictures. Can see the first crop of allowing air can discover all kinds of incidents of problems irrigation for variations in soil and pest infestation and fungal not visible at ground level. Secondly, the air chambers can make multi-spectral images, capturing data of infrared spectra which can be combined to create an image where the crop highlights the differences between healthy and diseased plants that the human eye does not see . Finally, a drone can review the fields weekly, daily or even hourly. The combination of these images to create a time series, that allows to observe changes in harvest, revealing the problematic areas and opportunities that exist to manage the harvest of the best way. 


The SCALABITOLEO rents drons range of low and medium The client may rent the drons the week for specific jobs that want or deem necessary and appropriate to perform them on their own.
  We have drones to rent low end (type Hobby) for a first contact (type Phanton DJI) with functions of GPS lock and return to scheduled basis.
To rent drons midrange technology have DJI Naza V1 and V2 with GoPro Gimbal or compact (<500 g.). Default or open with professional broadcaster Channel 8 programming.
According to customer needs, is included in the contract, a basic course of handling and first flight to have a first contact with the rented plane.

Video Surveillance

The Video Surveillance as a Service is a reality already defined as "the next generation of video surveillance systems," according to the main market analysts. Follows the stream-based services in "the cloud" and basically allows the user to enjoy video surveillance and other video applications without purchasing equipment specific storage.
As we are aware of the problems of burglaries that have occurred in recent years in agriculture and livestock holdings, the SCALABITOLEO offers an affordable and effective way to track livestock and crops, without compromising their safety and physical integrity.

SIG con UAV´s

SCALABITOLEO provides a diverse range of geo-information services related to the world of geolocation, and remote sensing technologies.
SCALABITOLEO offers a diverse range of professional services related to the analysis, design, development and implementation of Geographic Information Systems, and doing aerial video images, whether for entertainment, research or monitoring.
Thanks to drones and software at our disposal, we can offer a full service mapping and geographical order to reduce costs for customers.


- Providing the exact location of victims and survivors, in land or at sea.
· Submission of the situation to the rescue teams.
· Ability to landing on different surfaces.
· It can carry 200 kg of cargo, food, fuel, water or basic necessities for emergency.
· Provision of first aid and comfort to the victims at the time of crisis and while waiting for rescuers.