Legal Advice domain ownership

In compliance with Law 34 /2002 on Information Society and Electronic Commerce (Commerce Services Act), we inform that the ownership of the domain of our shop, corresponds to SCALABITOLEO UNIPERSSOAL, LDA., Company incorporated in Portugal (hereinafter SCALABITOLEO). For inquiries, you may contact the email or pone +34 691 642 466. Our phone hours are from 9am to 2pm and from 4pm to 7.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Purpose and scope

These Terms and Conditions of Use, is to regulate the supply of the information provided in the online store Scalabitoleo and commercial transactions that arise between Scalabitoleo and domain users of

Whether browsing the online store and purchase any of the products offered on it, assume the user acceptance without reservations of any kind, each and every one of these terms and conditions and general use. Scalabitoleo may, at any time and without notice, amend these terms and the use as well as the special conditions, if any, are included, by posting such changes on the shop so they can be familiar to users and there is a record of the date of such modifications.

The information presented on the website

Scalabitoleo reserves the right to modify the commercial offer (products, prices, promotions and other sales and service) submitted at any time. We make every effort to provide the information contained in the website is accurate and current without errors. In the event that occurred at some point you can correct an error of this type, at all times outside the will of Scalabitoleo. There is a typographical error in any of the displayed prices and a client has made a purchase decision based on that error, we give the error and the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase at no cost to you. Similarly, it is possible that the content of the website may show sometimes provisional information on some products. In the event that the information provided does not correspond to the characteristics of the product the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase without any cost to you. All contractual information present in Scalabitoleo is in Spanish (Castilian), and communication with customers and users, and the formalization of the contract must be in spanish.

Intelectual propiety

All content posted in the store and especially the designs, text, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, and software, trade names, trademarks and industrial designs or any other signs of industrial and commercial use are subject to intellectual rights Scalabitoleo or third party owners who have authorized their inclusion on the website ownership. In no event shall any license or waiver, transfer all or part of such rights is not any right or expectation of right of attribution, and in particular, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the contents without permission is granted Scalabitoleo express or respective owners. The introduction of hyperlinks for commercial purposes outside Scalabitoleo, allowing access to our website, without prior web pages is strictly prohibited. In any case, the existence of hyperlinks on beyond our websites does not imply in any case the existence of commercial or trading relationships with the owner of the website hyperlink, or the acceptance of its content or services Scalabitoleo.


The products presented on the web site are in accordance with Spanish legislation. Scalabitoleo responsibility can not be invoked in the event of breach of the laws of the countries that have been sent in accordance with the request. As applicable, to customers outside of Spain to check the possibility of importing or using the products you requested. The user assumes all liability for the use of our website, is solely responsible for any direct or indirect effect on the resulting web page, including, but not limited way, all economically and/or legal, technical and fraud expectations generated by our portal, forcing the user to hold harmless Scalabitoleo for any claim arising directly or indirectly from such facts. Scalabitoleo not be liable for any damage that may result from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, faults and/or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system or appliances and computers of the users due to causes unrelated to Scalabitoleo which prevent or delay the provision of services or navigating the store, or delays or blockages in the use caused by deficiencies or overloading of the Internet or other electronic systems, or inability to provide the service or allow access causes not attributable to Scalabitoleo due to the user, third parties or force majeure. Scalabitoleo not control, generally, the use made by users of the website. In particular Scalabitoleo under any circumstances does not guarantee that users use the website in accordance with the law, these General Conditions, morality and generally accepted good customs and public order, or to be made in a diligent and prudent.

Obligations of customers and users

In general, the user agrees to comply with these terms and conditions, and to meet the special warnings or instructions contained therein or on the website and always act according to the law, morality and the requirements of good faith using diligence and abstention use the website in any way that may impede, damage or impair the normal operation, property or rights Scalabitoleo, suppliers, other users or any third overall. Access to and use of the website to minors without parental consent is expressly prohibited Scalabitoleo not responsible for the accuracy of the data filled by the user and therefore can not verify their age. In particular, and without implying any limitation to the preceding paragraph when the website is used, the user agrees:

Provide accurate information about the data requested in the user registration form or placing an order, and keep them updated.

Do not enter , store or transmit on or from the website, any information or materials That is defamatory, libelous, obscene, threatening, racist, incites violence or discrimination based on race, sex, ideology, religion or in any way referred to morality, public order, basic rights, civil liberties, honor, privacy or image of others and General Regulations.

Do not enter, store or transmit through the store any programs, data, viruses, code , or any other electronic or physical device capable of That is Causing damage to the website, in any of the services or any of the equipment, systems or Scalabitoleo networks, of any other user, or providers Scalabitoleo Generally any third party.

Diligently keep the "username" and "password" that is provided by Scalabitoleo, taking responsibility for damages from improper that may result use thereof.

Do not make advertising or commercial exploitation through the website, and not use the information to transmit content and advertising, or send messages with any other commercial purpose, or to collect or store Personal data of third parties.

Do not use false identities or impersonate others in the use of the website or use any of its services, including the use of passwords or access codes to third parties or otherwise.

Not to destroy, alter, use for use, misuse or damage data, information, programs or electronic documents Scalabitoleo, its suppliers or third parties.

Do not enter, store or transmit any Content through the store that infringe any intellectual, industrial, or business secrets of third parties, or any content in overall that does not hold, in Accordance with the law, the right to make it available to third.

The customer agrees to allow the delivery of the order by providing a delivery address where it can be delivered the order requested within the usual time of delivery of goods. If I breach by the client of this obligation Scalabitoleo shall have no liability for delays or failures in delivery of the order Requested by the customer.

Place an order

To order in Scalabitoleo need to connect to and register as a user by completing the electronic form displayed at all times in the store and following the instructions therein. Upon registration, and to proceed with the purchase, you must add the product you wish to purchase to the basket, as shown listed on the screen, filling in for this purpose provided and validating the same order form. The validation of the order by the client expressly assumes knowledge and acceptance of these general Terms and Conditions as part of the contract. Unless proven otherwise, the data Scalabitoleo Constitute Recorded by proof of all transactions and their Scalabitoleo between customers. Scalabitoleo file the electronic document in which the contract is executed and it will be accessible. Once the purchase and in the shortest possible time, always later than 24 hours from execution sales Service Customer Service Scalabitoleo send you e- mail proof of purchase. If you do not agree with the data provided in the confirmation You can request the amendment thereof or cancellation of the contract.

General conditions of purchase (guarantees)

Purchases made in Scalabitoleo are subject to the general conditions of purchase contained in the page to be attended corresponding at the time the purchase order. The formalization of an order implies full acceptance of them. These conditions have been exposed in due time, in accordance with current legislation. Our products, provided are installed and used under regular conditions in accordance with the rules in force, are warranted for a period of one year from the date of invoice, materials and workmanship. Defects Caused by neglect, beatings, use or misuse, unsuitable voltage, improper installation, when appropriate, or materials subject to wear from ordinary use are not included. That in those incidents justify the use of collateral are eligible for repair, replacement item or rebates, in the terms established by law. To use the warranty, you must present the invoice. To enforce the Guarantee, please contact our customer service center via mail, phone or fax.

Back guarantee

Items available in our store are backed by major commercial firms. Offering the highest quality and the best guarantee is the greatest commitment to our customers. The customer has a period of 7 working days from receiving the product, to exercise his right of withdrawal, except as provided in the Law 7/1996 of January 15, regulating the retail and Law 1/2007. November 16, for the defense of Consumers and users. The within seven days from receipt of the counted product . The return will be free to the customer, Should only take care of the cost of returning the product to our store, but keep in mind that the product you received, must be returned in the same condition as received him, ie, without Having been used, damaged, or removed from the original its packaging. May not return a product requested that has-been by the client or custom made exclusively for him. If the order has not satisfied him, I may exercise his right of withdrawal prior to contacting Scalabitoleo must authorize the return. We will not be responsible for any returns that have not been informed us with previously. Our professional team will inspect the goods to ensure these conditions return and after the acceptance of the return, we will refund customer purchase through the same payment platform that placed the order, in a maximum of 30 days, starting from receipt of the return. In the event That a return is not accepted because the goods have been used, opened or damaged, Scalabitoleo not be responsible for the return, customer corresponding these costs.

Transportation insurance

All items have shipping insurance included in the price. When the item is received, it must make the corresponding status check, and if deficiency must make a claim within 24 hours of receiving it. Otherwise Scalabitoleo declines all responsibility.

Security warramty and confidentialy

Scalabitoleo guarantees safe shopping. One of the main concerns of Scalabitoleo to provide a secure is and protect the Confidentiality of information Entrusted to us. The ideas, suggestions or other information you choose to share with us will be used Solely To provide a better service. We guarantee to never share your Information with any outside company or organization.

In Accordance with the law on Data Protection Law 15/99 of 13 December, the client at any time Scalabitoleo may their exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and revocation of the consent in the act and regulations implementing other by writing to our email address

Product availability

The selection of products offered preferred on Scalabitoleo valid as long as the products are visible on the website, within the limits of available stock. ff the goods are in stock, the approximate time is 12 to 15 days. Prices are valid only for Spain. For registration, sales or shipments outside Spain contact us.

Payment methods

Scalabitoleo offers you various payment methods so you can choose the one that suits your needs:

Payment by Credit Card: you can make a payment via credit card VISA or MASTERCARD for example. Our store will connect to the security gateway of our Bank, that will tell you how to pay Securely. Scalabitoleo reserves the right to refuse any transaction made with a credit card. In this case proceed to repay the cash on the original card. In Ttese cases and if the client is interested in progressing in purchasing requested items to bank transfer.

Pay via PayPal: PayPal is an online payment service safely. For PayPal policy is necessary to visit the website