Rx700NR 9 canales 8 Gramos Maximize

Rx700NR 9 canales 8 Gramos

Quick Overview

116,90 €

Rx700NR is a small and lightweight receiver sensitivity - 102dBm and optimized input filter can coexist with strong 2.4Ghz on board video transmitters . The RX comes with a TV antenna mounted directly on the unit.

The NR RX700 comes with lots of new features such as :

Puerto external firmware update
LED operation
Completely new software
Selectable PPM / PWM ( S -Bus planned to come soon ) during startup.
It also has sequential failures , which allows you to store pattern 3 failsafe fail safe interactions when it strikes . Through the port can access TSLRS firmware debug tools for visualizing security numbers , blocked channels , diversity operation , and more ( TSLRS USB programmer needed ) .
Specification .
9 servo channels

Output PPM (also called sum signal )

0.5 A 3, 3V min to mix the RSSI output

Supply voltage 4-10 volts

Source Current 18mA at 5V RX only

Possible upgrade to MCX connector

System frequency hopping broadband

Use the band 433-440 MHz ISM license free

firmware upgradeable

Wide temperature range -40 to user C + 70 C

8 grams of weight

The receiver is 26 x 53mm .

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