Scherrer 8W Amplificador 433 Mhz Maximize

Scherrer 8W Amplificador 433 Mhz

Quick Overview

196,79 €

The booster has up to 8 watts output and convenient if you want to go by the end of the long range . Booster has the ability to triple its range and if you add a Yagi antenna can go further.

Security and more security

Auto Power 50mW input will force up

If no RF input signal is inactivated in zero current , so now you can leave on all day .

Dual LED indicator , red and green

Green constantly on = everything is perfect, RF level is fine, and DC source is well

Green off blinks start at 150mW and 50mW up more and more time off = less energy input

Flashing red Show input voltage is below 6.8V

RED more on when the voltage drops longer.

Flashes green and red can be active at the same time if both low voltage and low level rf

Booster still works in various voltages and can now be fed as low as 2 -3V

The booster will give good input power 125mW to 500mW
Encourage 0.5W 8W increase the range by at least a factor 3 .

The PA module consume about 2A at 7.2V and give 7 or 8 watts of RF power pure long distance

The large cooler is designed as a large heat sink so it can be manned 24 hours if necessary .

Weight is 404gr ! ( sound quality )

Luxury gift box high level of protection

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