Scalaeye S6 A

Quick Overview

2 744,63 €

Airframe ideal for the researcher or developer .
Includes: Hardware , door camera lens cover and parachute recovery system ready to use.
No ensablé .
The module payload bay and fuselage are fully modular : as payload and 95% of the electronics module in the payload bay to do a change of body very quickly and without the hassle to remove or reinstall autopilot, camera , batteries , ESC, etc ...
  The aircraft is made entirely in reinforced fiber in order to make it as strong as a workhorse carbon ( Yes, even the wings are completely made in carbon fiber) .
  The UAV Aeromapper is available in a variety of settings , and you can customize yours to select what you want to buy Componets .
  We are focused on performance, simplicity and affordability, with a top end of drones family for their daily operations and projects at a very reasonable cost.


 - Wing span: 2.0 m

Fuselage lenght: 1.2 m

Construction: the airframe is made fully in reinforced carbon fiber. The Payload Bay Module is built in fiberglass.

Full control surfaces available: rudder, ailerons, flaps, elevators, throttle.

Uses: ideal for photomapping and remote sensing due to its very wide range of speeds, excellent structural strenght and ample UAV Payload Bay Module.

Takeoff: hand launch

Empty weight: 1260 gr

Cruise Speed: 50 - 60 Km/h.

- Maximum speed: +130 Km/h - The Aeromapper UAV has excellent wind penetration capabilities and great performance under gusty conditions.

Aprox. Area coverage for mapping missions: 900 Has in 30 - 45 minutes of flight (depending on flight altitude).

Parachute recovery system: ultra light & compact parachute with Kevlar lines. system is installed and ready to use. 

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