UAV Launcher UAV Aeromapper

Quick Overview

1 523,78 €

Easy to use, easy to transport, simple, reliable and Ruged design.
- Two power settings: Power can be adjusted depending on the weight off and wind speed.
- Three security locking mechanisms: extremely safe.
- Simple and Ruged maintenance free design. It will work under all conditions.
- Failproof.
- Length of assembly: 2.8 m
- Duration of each section (2 in total): 1.4 m
- Weight: 5 kg
- Bungee powered 2 bungees normal power, 4 for maximum power.
- Triple locking mechanism safety.
All units are supplied with detailed user manual

- Double set of bungees to the normal configuration and maximum power.
- Hardware and Accessories
- User Manual
Box size: 145 x 24 x 24 cm
Weight: 5.5 Kg

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