Zephyr2 UAS Tetracam Micro

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The Zephyr UAS is an electric powered flying wing is flown autonomously by its own automatic pilot on board .
An inertial measurement unit (IMU ) provides stabilization of the aircraft.
GPS navigation is used to guide the aircraft to their destination. The UAV landed autonomously through point and click Control Software included ground .
Optionally you can land the UAV with the driver included for experienced RC flying RC planes.

Point and click to speak with the ground control software included flight planning .
Flight patterns can be preprogrammed on the plane before take-off or scheduled in the air.
Flight log data can be downloaded to your PC.
View live video in real time and manipulate the camera gimbal to see what you want without having to change direction using the joystick controller included.
Take still images in color or multispectral images using the same software automatically included by the point of interest highlighted by a standard Google Earth file (downloaded directly from Google Earth).
Once out the area of interest , the UAV automatically calculates the best route to fly in order to capture the images necessary for the process of photo with the perfect amount of overlap.
The software compensates for any wind added before running the flight path and ensures easy programming at any desired height .

Zephyr2 with Micro Tetracam

-Weight 4 kg
Mph - speed 30-90

25 mile - range

-Multiple charging options

Span - 54

Ala - tolerance 40mph

- Resistance 60 minutes * Ask about our package 2-3 hours of flight , the new " Zephyr 3"

Turn - Key Solution

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