Scalamaper X5

Quick Overview

5 285,95 €

Scalamaper X5 which can create amazing high resolution maps with its 24 megapixel resolution to 2 cm / pixel. Covers up to 2.5 25-30 minute flight. Fully automatic flight easy landing parachute recovery . Take pictures automatically . Detailed user manual is provided. The training is not necessary.
Based on the X5 flying wing for FPV foam . In Aeromao transform it into a small horse work adding fiber reinforcement internal carbon to be captain can take a lot of abuse ! Control system includes long-range (range 20 km ) and bi-directional telemetry flight information in real time and orders during the flight.

Mission Planner software included (for 3D robotic free download) to create missions and link information display with real-time telemetry . More details below .

Included with Aeromapper X5 combo is the Sony NEX 7 16mm pancake lens (24 megapixels). Every x seconds (programmable interval timer ) is enabled.


- Ready and ArduPilot Mega autopilot 2.6 installed

Radio - telemetry installation 3DR (range 1 mile)

- Parachute recovery system

Spektrum DX8 Radio - tuned system installed + long-range control

- Battery Charger

- Four 2200 mAh battery

Sony NEX - July 24 Megapixel with 16mm pancake lens

- Wingspan: 1.180 m

Length: 0.55 m

- Construction: body made of EPO with carbon fiber reinforcements .

-Launch : Launch Bag

-Weight: 1400 gr

- Cruising Speed : 45-50 Km / h .

Maximum wind - speed : 35 Km / h

Flight - Resistance : 25-30 minutes

- Approx. Coverage area for missions Placement: 250 resolves flight .

Parachute - recovery system : ultra compact, lightweight Kevlar parachute lines . system is installed and ready to use . Human driver operates a switch which deploys a parachute .

Range: 20km range for control, telemetry 1.5 kms ( can increase )

- Failsafe : Automatically returns home if RC link loss .

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