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Zenmuse Z15 Pro 3 -axis Gimbal Packages Webcams Black Magic Pocket Cinema Lens Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm f/2.0 . Works perfectly with multicoptero S800 EVO or older chassis, as the new S1000 or other brands .

Excellent choice for a total solution

The Z15 Zenmuse 3 axis system is a perfect complement to the platform flight hexacoptero multicoptero S800 or S1000 hexacoptero and also with any other marcas.Y octocoptero A2 contraoladora WKM known or combined with IOSD Mark II and the link video 5.8 g, together form the total solution of DJI , allowing you to enjoy a full experience of aerial photography and video, remain stable and accurate with the highest level of stability in the control of any equipment the camera even if the aircraft is in strong wind or speed .



Pocket Cinema Camera . The ability to get true images of film style digital movies with 13 stops of dynamic range, Super 16 sensor size without loss of CinemaDNG RAW ™ and Apple ProRes quality recording all packed into an incredibly small size make Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera perfectapara choice all in the world of aerial photography .

The Gimbal DJI Zenmuse - Z15 , Black Magic Pocket Cinema technology based on the Z15 Zenmuse is another breakthrough in gimbal systems , increases the accuracy by up to 5 times . The control accuracy is ± 0.01 ° angle , so pictures and videos of high quality are achieved . When used with multicoptero even when the aircraft is flying at high speed, can still stabilize and control the camera equipment accurately with the highest level of stability. It is definitely the best choice for professional filming , aerial photography for commercial use.
Gimbal design exclusive to Black Magic Pocket Cinema Cameras

To function at its best gimbal , DJI provides exclusive camera gimbal for more avanzada.Por example, the gimbal Zenmuse GH3 - Z15 is designed for the Panasonic GH3 . The Panasonic GH3 provides excellent video quality, a variety of recording formats, bit rates and frame rates . With a maximum flow of 1920 × 1080/30P 72M and 50M current 1920 × 1080/60P shooting capability (optional on the MOV format), the GH3 is ideal for photography and video recording camera and photography Aerial
Multiple control modes

Gimbal Zenmuse The system has three types of control modes , which are the orientation control mode lock, non-blocking mode control orientation and return to midpoint (horizontal mode). The three types of modosse can quickly switch from one mode to another to meet the different needs of aerial photography. With the perfect and easy handling of the 3 axes Zenmuse stable gimbal mode , users can take great aerial work.
Three controllable axes

The 3-axis Gimbal Zenmuse system has a creative mechanical design. The control method is simple and easy to use , the range of movement of the joystick controls the rate of relative rotation . Slip rings within avoid complicated wiring . All power cables and signal lines are integrated into the tubes of the gimbal , which means that the shaft can rotate without any limitations. The yaw control could come to ± 360 ° , control tonopuede reach ± 360 ° and roll control could reach ± 40
IMU module system independent

Due to years of dedication, has achieved for its DJI autopilot systems UAV actitudestabilizada a perfect algorithm, which , together with the highly precise induction devices can improve the performance of attitude control. Without the requirement of additional facilities and connecting additional cables, but also easy to assemble yque can achieve the highest level of stability during flight.
Modulo special servo control

Thanks to the special transmission module DJI custom Gimbal Servo, the series has Zenmuse Gimbals excelentescaracterísticas high precision control . With high accuracy , low vibration , high torque , this module provides additional carateristicas quality .
HDMI -AV Module

 In order to minimize the payload of the aircraft, the video output module with full functionality such as camera shutter is adapted to convert the signal to HDMI AV wiring with clean , ensuring the smooth and free movement of the 3 - axis Gimbal .
built-in functions
Three working modes
· Control guidance landlocked
· Control Non guidance landlocked
· FPV mode (Reset)
Independent module embedded IMU
Module special unit DJI gimbal servos
HDMI -AV Module
Supported video wireless transmission
Control camera shutter with support
Wide range of supported input voltage
Receiver S-Bus/PPM supported


Peripheral Supported Camera Supported Lens Currently GCU Input Power Control Requirement
 Black Magic Pocket Cinema  OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm f2.0 4S~12S LiPo (Recommend 6S if with S800) Four spare receiver channels at least
Assistant Software System Requirement      
Windows XP SP3; Windows 7; Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit)      
Mechanical& Electrical Characteristics Working Current Operating Temperature Weight Dimensions
Static current: 200mA (@25V)
Dynamic current: 400mA (@25V)
Locked-rotor current: 4A (@25V)
-10°C ~ 50°C 1.26Kg 220mm × 220mm × 223mm
GCU BEC Output GCU Wireless Video Transmission Power GCU Weight GCU Dimensions
10A@12V 1A @12V 300g 64.2 mm ×34.1mm ×19.5mm
Working Performance Load Weight (Reference Value) Controlled Angle Accuracy Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed Rotation
680g(@Camaras Black Magic Pocket Cinema  with OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm f2.0, Battery and SD Card) ±0.01° Pan axis: ±130°/s
Tilt axis: ±130°/s
Roll axis: ±30°/s
Pan axis control: ±360° continuous rotation
Tilt axis control: ±360° continuous rotation
Roll axis control: ±40°


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