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Quanum GoPro Gimbal

Quick Overview

244,60 €

The new Quanum GoPro gimbal started with a 4 mount compression style isolation design, which offers better performance and safety over the hanging style system. The lower carbon mount plate houses the 2 axis pre-tuned gimbal controller and standardized 45mm mounting posts. The support frame is all CNC machined aluminum for strength and light weight. The frame uses integrated 2208 brushless gimbal motors providing ultra-smooth stabilization. One of the best features of the Quanum GoPro gimbal is the GoPro mount, providing easy access to the ports and SD card. There are two mounting options for the GoPro, a CNC screw on retaining ring or a quick release O-ring style.
The Quanum GoPro Gimbal brings a new level of quality and feature to the GoPro market at an unbeatable price.
• compression style vibration isolation
• Quick release GoPro mounting
• Pre-turned and Set up
• CNC aluminum frame
• Lightweight
• Dual mounting options
• Adjustable pitch via a RC channel 
Size: 83x90x100mm
Weight: 198g
Operating voltage: 2~4s 7.2~16V
Motor size: 2208
Camera compatibility: GoPro 3 series and Compatible

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