Jeti Duplex RPM Sensor

Quick Overview

28,81 €

The Jeti Duplex MRPM is an optical RPM sensor for the Duplex system. This sensor reports and records the rotational speed of the propeller, the maximum and minimum propeller RPM and the actual power output of the propeller based on its N-100 value.

The sensor itself comes shielded within a metal tube, to protect against lateral reflections from shiny surfaces. The sensor should be secured as close as possible to the rotating propeller and fixed absolutely securely to ensure the sensor cannot fall into the arc of rotation.

The measurements taken by this sensor can be adversely affected by shiny parts such as prop shafts, adaptors and motor housings and therefore care should be taken during installation to prevent these influences.

This sensor contains very sensitive circuits and therefore all cables should be routed to ensure there is no contact with the receiver aerial or the body of the sensor.

This version includes German and English instructions. When connected to the Jeti Box, all menus are in English.

Please note that the appropriate N-100 value must be entered for the propeller being used on your model, before accurate power readings can be obtained from this sensor. Common values can be found by clicking the link below.

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