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Jeti Duplex 2.4EX MUI 75 sensor

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The Jeti Duplex MUI 75 is a voltage and current telemetry sensor, compatible with all Jeti Duplex receivers and expanders, suitable for measuring currents up to 75A and voltages up to 60V.

Using this sensor it is possible to view on your Jeti Box, the overall pack voltage, the motor run time and the capacity drawn from your flight battery as well as the present amp draw of your power system! You can also set alarms for: -
Low voltage
High amps
Consumed capacity (mAh)
This sensor should be connected between the power systems battery pack and the speed controller, in order to provide a pass-through to measure the current drain of your power set.

Two additional wires are used to measure battery pack voltage.

An audible alarm can be configured via the Jeti Box to provide an alert when the flight battery voltage drops below a configurable minimum or when the current draw exceeds a configurable maximum. An alarm can also be configured for the battery capacity. The alarm sound is emitted from the duplex transmitter module.

Please note, the maximum current capability of this sensor is 75 amps. This sensor is not required to view the voltage and other metrics associated with the receiver system, which is provided by all Duplex receivers, without the need for an additional sensor.

The MUI 75 sensor weighs approximately 21 grams (0.74 ounces)

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