Jeti Duplex 2.4EX Speed Sensor

Quick Overview

62,48 €

Mspeed Duplex sensor from Jeti. Measure the air speed of your model aeroplane the easy way! Compatible with all Jeti Duplex receivers.

The Jeti speed sensor (MSPEED) module reports the actual, minimum and maximum indicated air-speed of your model and offers configurable units of measurements: -
KM/H – Kilometres Per Hour
M/S – Metres Per Second
MPH – Miles Per Hour
A low and high-speed alarm can be configured, to emit audible tones from your Duplex transmitter module, should the airspeed go above your specified high-limit or below the low-limit.

The tubes from the sensor unit to the pitot are approximately 970mm long.

For twin-engined and other multi-engined models, the pitot can be mounted either directly on the nose or at a minimum distance of 2cm from the fuselage side. For single-engined models the pitot should be mounted on a wing, out of the prop-wash, ideally on the center of the chord at the leading edge.

The pitot tube should not be mounted in the prop-wash.

Total Weight is 21 grams.

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