TAU2 640, 19mm f/1.25

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General information about FLIR/Tau

FLIR’s Tau is the smallest, lightest, lowest power, long wave thermal camera core in its class.

Its fusion of small size, light weight, miniscule power consumption, and outstanding imaging performance makes Tau the ideal thermal camera core for the most demanding applications. For handheld thermal cameras and unmanned vehicle vision systems; for firefighting imagers and thermal sights, Tau is the best choice for applications that demand its unique combination of light weight, small size, and low power utilization.

Tau is the first uncooled thermal camera core to combine all of these attributes into one affordable, high-performance package.

The complete assortment of FLIR’s Tau cameras is available via Droidworx and Droidworx’ distribution network. A selection of cameras suitable for aerial applications is included in the Droidworx product catalogue. Please feel free to enquire about other models regarding pricing and availability.

Extensive information – including instruction manuals and brochures – can be found on following website:

The following brochure provides specific information on the different size lenses and how this equates to detection, recognition and identification ranges for several objects:

Particular details of this camera

The Tau 640 is a 640×512 LWIR uncooled focal plane array (FPA) camera with a pixel size of 17 microns. Tau 640 is the smallest, lightest, and lowest power camera offered by FLIR.

This 19mm lens has a wide field of view of 32°x26°.

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