900Mhz Datalink

Quick Overview

• It is a Data Link that allows your computer to communicate with the WKM on your multi-rotor.
• It operates on 900Mhz frequency and allows for approximately 5 mile range.
• The Ground Control Software comes with the Data Link.

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The 900Mhz version has twice the range of the 2.4Ghz and it also has 2 Can Bus ports (that is the digital interface that allows the Data Link to communicate with the WKM (on-board autopilot). It then sends that information down to the ground station side of the "Data link set". Then you are able to display information on your computers ground control software, like (where your helicopter is on a google earth overlay, battery voltage, attitude of the ship, altitude, speed, etc).

Through the use of a Ground Control Station (GCS), WooKong-M Single Waypoint allows the pilot to monitor key flight information in real time. In addition to your position on a 3-D map, you can easily view your current altitude, GPS coordinates, air speed, angle of the aircraft, signal quality of the wireless data link, and on-board battery voltage. Additionally, the Click-2-Go mode allows you to choose a point on the map, specify the altitude and flight speed, then simply “click to go” there! While you are monitoring the route on the GCS, you can easily change the altitude, flight speed, or even the destination point “on the fly”!

The WooKong-M Waypoint takes the capabilities to a new level. Pilots can pre-program a flight including up to 50 unique waypoints with custom parameters for speed, altitude, type of turn between waypoints, and even custom robotic servo actions to be completed at each waypoint. The craft will automatically take off, complete the entire mission (including any servo actions), return home, and finally land itself right back where it took off! Rest assured there are many fail-safes in the software to account for human errors like too long of flight duration or an altitude below ground level. You also have the ability to change any and all flight parameters on the fly, during the actual flight. This is truly the most advanced multi-rotor flight control system available!

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