WKH -Lite

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WKH is the flight system designed for serious scale helicopter enthusiasts providing GPS for self-leveling, position hold, speed control and built-in tail gyro which completely takes the stress out of flying RC helicopters for both professional and hobby applications. WKH can be installed in a variety of models, from small electric helicopters to large gasoline and turbine helicopters.

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GPS Atti. Mode

Atti. Mode

Manual Mode


Command Stick Meaning

Helicopter attitude control; Stick center position for 0° attitude, its endpoint

for 45°which is a fixed limit.

Mechanical driving


Command Linearity




Stick Released

Lock helicopter position when GPS

signal is adequate


Only altitude stabilizing

Recommend for

experience pilot

Altitude lock

Best maintain altitude above 3 meters



Flight Altitude

No limit, but will switch into Atti. Mode

automatically over 50m.


No limit


No limit


Flybarless stabilizing on ELEV and AILE direction is available for all control mode


GPS Lost

After 10s when GPS signal lost, system enters Atti. Mode. Automatically.

Only performing attitude

stabilizing without position lock.





Attitude & speed mixture control ensures stability.


Depends on experience

Fail-safe featured, auto hover or level if transmitter signal lost

Appropriate Applications

High agility for all flying




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