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FatShark gafas Attitude SD V.2

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The easiest way to get started with FPV ! either a multicoptero or plane , you just need a camera and a transmitter in 5.8Ghz

 New model with glasses FatShark AttitudeSD 5.8Ghz receiver and head tracker integrated VGA display (640x480 ) . Attitude These glasses are smaller and lighter than its predecessors, with new technologies and features to deliver outstanding performance. The new display ( screen ) 35 degrees FOV strikes a perfect balance between immersion and large screen pixel density obtaining a large and sharp image . The glasses AttitudeSD uses the same technology used in the polarized backlight screens Dominator magnificent glasses getting vibrant colors. Includes adjustable IPD ( interpupillary distance ) .

This model Fatshark goggles AttitudeSD includes the latest generation in the MIG HT (V4 ) with a new algorithm and refinements to that camera shake is accurate and drift-free

The integrated 5.8Ghz receiver is a new model of - 90dBm is the last generation with improved sensitivity increases range by 40 % over previous models . The module has also been enhanced with a filttro to be immune to interference from 2.4Ghz 433Mhz and UHF radio.

Improvements glasses FatShark Attitude SD also extend to the exterior : a velvety rubber touch sliders for moving the IPD , rubber mask with a better chassis, glasses and a thin ribbon to the head. These glasses are very comfortable and perfect tecnologicamenente . You'll be the envy of your fellow FPV .


1 x Glasses with Attitude SD Nexwave 5.8Ghz Receiver and Head Tracker ( MIG V4) Integrated
1 x Hard Cover Case with zipper, for transport
1 x 3m . AV Cable (for connecting to external AV devices viewing / recording)
Data cable 1 x Futaba
1 x data cable EzUhf
1 x Antenna 5.8 Ghz and 3 dBi
1 x Manual

Glasses Specifications :

- Field of view FOV 35 degrees diagonal VGA resolution LCD color display
- Pupillary Distance: adjustable 59 - 69mm
- NTSC / PAL auto select (interlaced )
- New Model Receptor- 90dBm 5.8G 7 Channel (compatible with Airwave transmitters , ImmersionRC )
- 7.4V Consumption : 150mA/300mA (cable / wireless )
- Frequency: 5740 MHz, 5760 MHz, 5780 MHz , 5800 MHz , 5820 MHz 5840 MHz 5860 MHz

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