Turnigy dlux 10A Linear Voltage Regulator (5.2~7.4V output)

Quick Overview

39,00 €

The Turnigy dlux 10A linear voltage regulator provides up to 10A continuous current (15A peak) at a selectable 5.2V, 6.0V (default), 6.8V, or 7.4V output. This is great for powering your electronics on both helicopters and fixed-wing models. Thanks to the wide output voltage range, this Turnigy dlux voltage regulator can handle just about any type of servo. Designed to operate on a 7.4V input, this unit is ideal for use on large helicopter/fixed-wing models utilizing 7.4V receiver batteries.

This device also includes an optional low voltage alarm/LED board which can easily alert you to a low voltage condition of your input battery. It features a super bright white LED that can be seen even during sunny conditions. A great way to monitor your input battery's status.

• Stable, reliable power supply for your servos/receiver
• 7.4V input allowing for use with 2S lipoly batteries
• 10A continuous/15A peak servo current capability
• Dual power output leads
• Selectable servo output voltage 5.2V/6V/6.8V/7.4V
• Optional adjustable low voltage alarm/LED 
• Thermal and current overload protection

Input Voltage: 2S Lipoly (6~8.4V)
Output Voltage: 5.2V/6.0V/6.8V/7.4V/8.4V selectable
Output Current: 10A @ 6V continuous (15A @ 6V peak)
Adjustable Low Voltage Alarm: 6.6~7.4V 
Switch Type: Fail Safe (fail safe on) pin-flag contactless type
Power Connector: Input: JST plug / Output: JR style plug x 2
Dimensions: 55 x 31.5 x 14mm
Weight: 35g

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