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Tiny 5volt Regulador

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15,00 €

This tiny 5volt regulator perfect for your 5volt FPV cameras or similar equipments.

It's including hi-tech LDO regulator and this LDO accepting 7-18V input voltage.


We designed the PCB with 1 input and 2 output(for a second usage) and an extra signal pins. You can use standard a servo wire for connecting your 5V camera to 12V OSD systems.



IMPORTANT: This tiny regulator using a LDO chip and converts the voltage difference to "heat". Regulator chip including a thermal shutdown on 125 degree celcius and it can handle 800mA current easily if you can cool it. We are suggesting to maximum 200mA for non-cooled applications. Check the temperature of it before your first application to understanding the cooling requirements.



Input Voltage            : 7-18V (2-4S LiPO)
Output Voltage : 5 volt
Current : 500mA nominal 1A ma
Weight  : 0.65gr 

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