Eagle Eyes FPV Station + Caja

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80,31 €

The EagleEyes FPV Station integrates four of the main components you need for FPV airplane model on the ground, at a cost that is lower than many of the individual components presently available New: now includes clear plastic box with lid removable media for PowerPanel LCD screen.
( Optional PowerPanel LCD Display)
Our new EagleEyes FPV Station provides all of the following :
* Receiver Diversity - When connecting two NTSC or PAL audio / video receivers ( of any frequency ), the EagleEyes TM collects the best signal

given time , which can greatly reduce video fades and improve your FPV experience! A variety of diversity settings are configurable with the on-board switches and LED indicators.
* Antenna Tracking - Is your video transmitter suffering from low range ? When combined with our OSD Pro, the EagleEyes TM is the heart of a follower of the antenna pan / tilt with all the features. Powerful, easy to use PC software and on-screen menus are provided for adjusting the EagleEyes TM to work flawlessly with the tracker of your choice. An exclusive Eagle Tree, multiple points of view can be calibrated , resulting in increased accuracy of the panorama , even if your plate servos are somewhat linear. The servos even large pan / tilt controller units built without an external BEC .
* Telemetry - When coupled with our OSD Pro, all data from Eagle Tree (not just GPS position ) are transmitted to your laptop via your video transmitter and USB EagleEyes TM port (requires USB cable separately ) . Flight of the model can be recorded and displayed with our powerful software , or display (either in real time or after your flight ) with Google Earth! With the EagleEyes TM , telemetry is embedded invisibly in the video , rather than in the audio channel . We chose telemetry video , as it is much more reliable and faster than the telemetry audio, and telemetry audio occupies its channel audio , so you can not hear engine sounds , OSD Pro voice prompts, etc.
* Four-channel A / V Distribution - Ever wish you had more output video / audio? The EagleEyes TM has four built-in outputs !
* Programmable Low Voltage Alarm - How well your battery ground station Now you can set a ringtone for undervoltage alarm that warns you when the battery is below the voltage chosen ? . The ringer can also be programmed to alert other conditions , such as poor telemetry signal .
* PowerPanel LCD Display - Now you can connect your LCD PowerPanel directly into EagleEyes and fit within the EagleEyes box to display the GPS position in real time, with additional functions display soon . With the LCD screen, the last known GPS position is remembered and displayed, in case you lose contact with your model.


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