Bateria de Lipo 5200mAh Phantom 2 Vision

Quick Overview

129,00 €

Lipo battery for Phantom Vision 2 . High capacity and high performance polymer battery 5200mAh
battery provides up to 25 minutes of flight time . Integra capacity level of energy left in the battery,
protection of loading / unloading and maintenance reminders . All this make the battery
It is extremely safe and reliable.
25 minutes flight time
The battery Intelligent Flight PATENTED by DJI (for Phantom Vision 2 ) is 5200mAh .
1. Easy to connect and Carry .
The new connectors make connecting and removing the battery is very easy, just pull .
Two . Accurate indication of battery level .
Levels estimated by the battery voltage measurement gatada . When the motor rotates , the voltage drops by these
inaccurate estimates . The smart battery DJI Flight monitors the total amount of energy consumed by
which can provide an accurate indication of battery level.
Three . Flight time very long
The Phantom Vision 2 flew for 28 minutes covering about 10 miles . This has never been done before.
April . Checkout integrated battery level
Display the remaining battery level whenever you want , without a multi- meter or tester
battery level .
May . Much easier to reload
All circuits and protection to balance are integrated into the battery , so that the load is
simple as plugging the battery into the charger. When you turn on the battery indicator keeps you informed
on the loading progress .
6. Safer than ever
Short circuit protection and other security systems are all integrated into the battery.
7. Increasing battery life
a) In the past, if a battery is dropped , it may stop working. The protective battery box flight
DJI smart protects cells , keeping the batteries safe .
b ) In the past, if the battery is disconnected, discharged, and may become unusable. The smart battery Flight
DJI has low voltage protection . Once a certain threshold is reached, turns off automatically.

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