4x T-Motor MN2214 920 RPM Antigravity

Quick Overview

145,00 €

Antigravity MN2214 920 RPM

Silicone - Cables
- Design with many holes easy installation .
Japanese - EZO bearings
Fan - housing to cool the motor effect inside.

 The propeller is attached directly to the motor. This is the best sitema for multicoptero prevents vibrations and not prop engine exhaust.

We recommend using a controller 20 Amp or 30 Amp. for this engine

DJI is recommended helices ( recommend new integrdo cone with 9 " or 12" ) , or Graupner Carbon 8 "to 12"


2 x MN2214 920 RPM Motor CW Rotation
2 x MN2214 920 RPM Motor CCW Rotation
Catching Cone 4 x aluminum (direct propeller on engine )
 Ten reasons why you should choose a T- Engine .

1.All of our engines come with permanently lubricated EZO bearings . From Japan .
2.All of our motor stators are made with 0.2mm sheets No.1200 # sukucib Japan for maximum efficiency and minimum level of eddy current loss . High quality stator plates are epoxy coated on the inner surface to prevent shorting
3.Imanes special N45uh supporting a temperature of 200 ° C (392 F) for smooth operation .
4.The engine sound is perfect , the sound of the bearings is perfect , no sound at all.
May . Alamber Oxygen - free copper winding motor , hold temperature of 180 degrees.
6.Mecanizado CNC aluminum front fan and the back cover with cooling holes , to let the air through the engine and refrigerate .
7.Configuración the cable tidy
8.Rendimiento perfect to be balanced
9.Parte back with an amount of thread so that it can be fitted in many different ways applications
10. A cross machined aluminum to mount differently and prop adapter that grabs the hub motor termination or nut.

Why should we select the EZO bearing ?

Bearing selection is a key factor in the quality of the engine, installed with Ezo quality bearings made in Japan , which are professionally designed for high speed running engines. These bearings have a high durability even for engine operating speed to about 50000T/min . Ezo bearings offer 2-3 times the service life of the bearings of the other brands normally when compared with each other under a load of engine running or 10000T 20000T . Even under load the engine 400000T , bearings can make a smooth flow without any defective operating noise. The minimum resistance of the bearings can come operation that make the noise lower than 25dbs friction . Also, the design takes into account essentially the high efficiency can be accomplished by greatly reducing ideally possible and minimize friction generated overheating engine running at high speed