Dji NAZA Lite controladora + Gps

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Dji NAZA controller + GPS

Unlike WKM multicopteros designed for professional video and aerial photography . NAZA not only inherits the flight stability of DJI products , but also provides excellent maneuverability , which gives hobbyists flying experience.

General Features:

- Autopilot
- Fail Safe Auto level
- Low Voltage Protection
- S -Bus receiver
- 2-axis Stabilization Support Camara
- Multi- rotor : Quad - rotor I, X , Hexacoptero I, V , Y, IY
- Minimum of Channels: 4
- Compatible ESC speed controllers with 400Hz refresh rate .
All in One - in-One Design integrates on a single board , controller , gyroscope, accelerometer and barometer simplidicando installation and saves space

Advanced stabilization algorithm - inherits the flight stability of DJI products , provides excellent maneuverability .

Multiple modes of flight / control / and intelligent flight: three types of control modes : GPS Atti . Mode ( with GPS module ) / Atti . Mode / Manual Mode .

GPS available (optional ) / Hold Module position : plug and play GPS module greatly improve performance for aerial photography flights with the exact position
Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC ) : Generally , the forward direction of multicoptero is the same as the direction of the nose. By using intelligent control orientation ( IOC) , which points the nose , the forward direction has nothing to do with the direction of the nose.
D- BUSD - Bus is compatible with the S -BUS receiver system. Also compatible with traditional PPM receivers .

2-axis stabilization ( Gimbal ) - The stabilization module is compatible with almost all camera supports 2-axis . The system will be configured according to the camera bracket .

Remote setting a slide - From the station , you can adjust the Naza Flight Lite .

Firmware upgrade and expandable - . Easy firmware upgrade, extendible port for future use is available

Low Voltage Protection - protection low voltage level . Low voltage LED alarm , and automatic landing.
FailSafe Mode: Station will stick to the center position while naza this without receiving station signal .. If the GPS module is used , you can also set the failsafe for the multicoptero come home ( RTH need to have the GPS connected )

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