AAT Skylark

Quick Overview

498,00 €

The Skylark Auto Antenna Tracker which is in heaven or on earth, where his plane, helicopter / multirotor or vehicle is. The Skylark Auto Antenna is a directional antenna and, due to its automatic tracking feature that does not require a second person to point the antenna in the model, which will follow wherever she goes, which greatly improves the range over type omnidirectional constantly . Couple this with an antenna units OSD Skylark All-in-1 for the FPV experience end.

Easy to install and easy to use.
5V/12V power filters for TX / camera
Compatible PAL / NTSC
60A Current sensor of RSSI
Detected Auto | Auto configuration "Start"
with barometer
Skylark 10Hz GPS
Support Skylark Auto Antenna Tracker
Free firmware upgrade it

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