Trace OSD IV

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The new generation of Skylark OSD is developed for the FPV  enthusiasts. SKYLARK OSD V4.0 is equipped with a multifunctional interface which is easy to use and stable. It offers extensive scalability, affordability and reliability. The interface layout is simple and intuitive, and can be switched between different display modes. Compact hardware design and 
powerful processors provide convenient upgrades.

• Equipped with video input/output, power supply voltage and transfer switches.
• Provides geographical location, altitude, speed, return-arrow prompts, radar, low-voltage alert.
• Built-in 5V and 12V voltage outputs which can be used for camera and video transmission.
• Users can switch between 3 display modes by remote control channel.
• Built-in barometric altimeter.
• Extendable triaxial infrared sensor, supports automatic return flight and multi destination flight.
• Support 4-6S high-voltage input and 5V/12V output, maximum output current of 2A.

Data Logger: 128m
Power Input: 5V ~ 12V DC
Output Current: 2A
Control Loop: 50Hz
Gyro: 3 Axis 
Compass: 10Hz GPS

he OSD can work with 3S-6S battery, but we recomment 4S-6S battery

1. If the battery less 12V, the OSD(12V port) will output battery voltage.
2. If the battery more 12V, the OSD(12V port) will output 12V voltage.

Trace OSD Review


Easy to install and easy to use.

5V/12V filtered power for TX/Camera

PAL/NTSC compatible

80A current sensor RSSI

Auto detected | Auto "Setting Home"

With barometer

Skylark 10Hz GPS

Support Skylark Auto Antenna Tracker

Free firmware upgrade

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