DJI S1000 Premium + A2 + Z15 5D

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To Canom 5D Mark II
To Canom 5D Mark III

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5 430,00 €

The S1000 has been specially designed for professional aerial photography and cinematography. Some of the advantages of this multicoptero are the amount of accessories that comes equipped with : retractable landing gear and folding arms and propellers to minimize storage space .
 Every detail has that carefully designed by engineers DJI ,


Flight time: 15 minutes Gimbsl Z15- 5D and Battery 15000mAh (1.8 kg) ;

Flight time: 19min with Gimbal Z15- 5D and 20000mah battery ( 2.4 kg) ;

Retractable Landing

Installation space optimized for DJI A2 - WKM - autopilot systems ;

Take-Off Weight : 10kg ;

Carbon arms , folded , for easy transport

Weight: 4.3 kg ;

Diagonal Wheelbase : 1100 mm;

4114 500W motors ;
Regulators 40 Amp;
Folding Propeller 15 inches, to transport facilictar

Conne XT90 ( Gold 5.5mm ) for connection of the battery;

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