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JHA Announces the Release of AD-130GE, the new multispectral camera CCDs 2 high resolution and high sensitivity. The AD-130GE incorporates a dichroic prism that generates each capture camera, a color image and one in near infrared (NIR) of the same optical axis.
With a resolution of 1.3 megapixels (1296x966 pixels), uses two Sony ICX447 CCD sensor 1/3 "precisely aligned. The AD-130GE keep the same frame rate of your little sister, AD-80, 31 catches per second but with more sensitivity, especially in the NIR spectrum. The sensitivity of visible light is about 20% higher than the AD-80 models, while the infrared NIR spectrum is more than double that of its predecessor.
The analysis of multiple images using different wavelengths of light are used in industry for inspection of both visible differentiation characteristics of color, size and printing, such as no visible scratches in, cracks and moisture.
2 The CCD technology provides JHA, with a single camera, the solution for multispectral analysis applicable in a wide range of tasks such as inspection of fruits and vegetables, and plastic blister packaging or medical products where the channels can be used to check the integrity the sealed both inside and outside of the plastic bags or other items.
The AD-130GE has two GigE interfaces. The color output is available in Raw Bayer (8, 10 or 12-bit) for host-based interpolation, 24-bit or 30-bit RGB. The NIR output is selectable in 8, 10 or 12-bit monochrome.
The camera's features include multiple shutter modes (including auto shutter), GPIO module configurable look-up table for gamma customization, control manual or automatic gain control (AGC) and analog video output to support optical auto iris.

 2 sensors 1/3 "CCD Sony ICS447
 Max Resolution: 1296x966 pixels
 Pixel size: 3.75 mM
 Speed at full resolution: 31 img / s
 Video output for optical auto iris
 Interface GigE output with 8, 10 or 12bits
 Exposure time since the 11.49µs 31.761ms
 Control tools and SDK for Windows XP / Vista
 Thread: C
 Dimensions: 55x55x98.3mm
 Weight: 340g

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