Hornet OSD & GPS 10Hz

Quick Overview

95,55 €

Hornet -OSD overlays GPS data in the video image .
The telemetry data include flight altitude , flight speed , flight direction , and turned toward home , etc. .
You can also save the telemetry information to a Micro SD card (sold separately), playing account then be traced through FYGCS .
The Hornet -OSD can be connected to the following producer Feiyu FY- 21AP , FY- 31AP , FY- 3ZT FY91Q and autopilots are ( these systems sold separately ) . We also need a GPS receiver to display positioning data (sold separately).

Hornet -OSD system automatically adapts to NTSC or PAL video and confirm if there is a micro SD card or not. The initiation process takes about 20 seconds.

Once the video input is detected, even if there is interruption in the video signal , the telemetry data of the Hornet -OSD will remain transmitted through the video.
1x Hornet OSD
1x Fy -GPS ( 10Hz )
1x 100A Current Sensor
1x Cables

Hornet OSD is also compatible with FY91Q multicopteros controller and the following autopilots FY31AP , FY21AP , FY- 3ZT
Through a channel is the screens can change the OSD .
There are 5 different displays are
. If desired not change screens you can use default one .

A. All information,
B. Partial imformacion artificial horizon
C. Positioning Radar function ;
D. Minimum Information ;
E. Sin informacion seen the video signal

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