E 600 Hexa Set Propulsion

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479,00 €

Bow high aerodynamic efficiency and only half of the inertia of a propeller 12 * 3.8 " , the propeller 12 * 4.2" offers an experience
outstanding flight . The propellers are dynamically balanced carefully , avoiding the effect appears jellow your
camera in the air. The low inertia design allows your flight controller using a value much greater gain to achieve
greater stability and increased maneuverability at the time also .
3508 Motor
Use the best materials , from magnets, copper wire , the bearing to make the best products. Improved
techniques of mass production , combined with our scientific quality control , reduces costs and ensures that our
products more accessible to users. Our new self- tightening mechanism dramatically reduces any possibility of
loosen the propeller . The assembly and disassembly without tools makes storage and transportation easier .
Another advantage is that each one enters the propeller for your engine direction of rotation , retaining ownership
self- tightening and assembly without tools. There is no possibility of error when mounting the propeller of his multicoptero .
Regulator 20A
It is a move improved, along with new highly efficient algorithms and fast response model , combine to provide the
maximum optimization between engine and propeller , all combine to enhance this propulsion system to use an agile thrust giving
aircraft maneuverability and stability in the wind and during the descent. They also have a design and compatibility
Electromagnetic with coaxial cable, to provide an electromagnetic environment calm. Without interfering with the
electonica different devices aboard multicoptoro .
Moreover, this pack includes a high voltage regulator 6S, they will allow a much higher electrical efficiency and higher
duration .
6x Engines 3508
6x 20A Regulators
Couples Helices 5x 12 * 4.2 "
Voltage Regulator 1x 6S
1x Power Plate
1x double sided Cina
1x Tool tighten propeller
1x 2.0mm hex wrench
Heat shrink (red and black )
Screws (M2.5 & M3 )
recommendation Multicoptero
Upload recommended 600 g / shaft
1600 g Max wheel / axle
Temperature -5 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Recommended 6S Lipo Battery
Current 20A OPTO
Frequency 30 Hz ~ 450 Hz
Voltage 14.8 V ~ 25.2 V
~ 6S LiPo Battery 4S
Size 35 × 8 mm
RPM 415 rpm / V
Weight 90 g
Diameter / Pitch 33 × 11 × 4.2 cm 12 inc