E 300 Hexa Set Propulsion

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189,00 €

Propeller 9.4 * 4.3 " High Performance
DJI has a new propeller design, size 9.4 x 4.3 " provides an improvement between aproximadametne . 20 % ~ 25 % of the
Propeller 8.0 x 4.5 , without changing to a heavier engine , so models F330 ~ F450 quad levanan
significativametne greater weight and therefore are more powerful and now is no problem carrying a camera with Gimbal and equipment
These propellers are dynamically balanced carefully , avoiding the effect jellow your camera in the air appears.
The low inertia design allows your flight controller using a value much higher gain for greater
stability and maneuverability to the well once more .
2212 Motor

This is the industry leader in multi - rotor engine , these engines have been used worldwide with proven reliability .

Use the best materials , from magnets, copper wire , the bearing to make the best products.
Improved techniques of mass production , combined with our scientific quality control , reduces costs and ensures that our products more accessible to users. Our new self- tightening mechanism dramatically reduces any possibility of loosening the prop . The assembly and disassembly without tools makes storage and transportation easier .
Another advantage is that each one enters the propeller for your engine direction of rotation , retaining ownership
self- tightening and assembly without tools.
There is no possibility of error when mounting the propeller of his multicoptero .
Regulator 15A

It is an improved model move , along with new highly efficient algorithms and fast response
combine for maximum optimization between engine and propeller , all combine to enhance this propulsion system to use an agile aircraft thrust gives maneuverability and stability in the wind and during the descent. They also have a design and electromagnetic compatibility with coaxial cable, to provide an electromagnetic environment calm. Without interference from other devices aboard electonica multicoptoro .

6x Engines 2212
6x Reguladores15A
Couples 5x Propellers 9.4 * 4.3 "
1x Power Plate
1x double sided Cina
1x Tool tighten propeller
1x 2.0mm hex wrench
Heat shrink (red and black)
Screws (M2.5 & M3)
recommendation Multicoptero
Load recommended 300 g / shaft
Max wheel 600 g / shaft
Temperature -5 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Recommended 3S Lipo Battery
Current 15A OPTO
Frequency 30 Hz ~ 450 Hz
Voltage 11.1 V ~ 14.8 V
3S ~ 4S LiPo Battery
Size 22 × 12 mm
RPM 920 rpm / V
Weight 50 g
Diameter / Step 24 × 11 × 4.3 cm 9.4 inch


9.4*4.3 ” ROTOR


Representing the state of the art in this industry, the 9.4*4.3“ rotor offers an approx. 20% ~ 25% improvement over the 8.0*4.5” rotor without the need of using a heavier motor, making the 350 ~ 450 model quad copter achieve a significantly higher lift and thus more powerful to carry a camera and gimbal setup (FPV). The rotors are carefully balanced dynamically, you will never be bothered by jello effect from your airborne rolling shutter camera. The low inertial design enables your flight controller to use a much higher gain value to achieve a higher stability and maneuverability all at once.

2212 MOTOR

The industry leaders for multi-rotors, these motors have been used worldwide for years in a variety of scenarios with proven reliability.

From magnets to steel, from copper wire to bearing we only use the best materials to make the best products. Improved mass production techniques, along with our scientific quality control systems, lowers costs and ensures that our products are more accessible to users. Our new self-tightening mechanism dramatically reduces any chance of loosening rotor or mistakenly installed rotors. Tool-free mounting and dismounting makes storage and transportation much easier.



This new and improved ESC along with new highly efficient and quick response algorithms, combine to provide drastic optimization of both motor and rotor parameters, all come together to enhance this propulsion system to utilize an agile thrust which gives the aircraft extra maneuverability and stability in wind and during descending. Also feature an electromagnetic compatibility design with a coaxial-cable, which work together to provide a calm electromagnetic environment for the airborne sensors.