Quanum AlexMos Brushless Gimbal Controller 3-Axis Kit Basecam

Quick Overview

193,13 €

 When it comes to brushless gimbals whether you are a pro-cinematographer or a multi-rotor hobbyist there is no question AlexMos controllers with Basecam (SimpleBGC) has set the mark in the industry for performance, ease of use and a host of user definable options.

This is not some cheap copy with unsupported hacked software. It was designed from the ground up by AlexMos using quality components and a 4 layer PCB design (unlike clones), each pre-loaded with Alexmos boot-loader and firmware, and is fully supported and updatable via the Basecam software.  

The performance of the Quanum BGC is robust enough for the largest of brushless gimbal motors even the full DSLR 90mm sized monsters. The BGC is supplied with high quality silicon wire for connections to the MPU and 3axia board allowing for proper flexing during operation. The Quanum BGC is equipped with onboard USB, for an easy connection to the Basecam GUI or utilize the serial port for an optional wireless solution.

The Basecam software is a powerful tool for setup and tuning but its graphical interface makes it easy even for beginners to use. The Basecam software can configure the BGC for complete standalone operation or the popular “follow” mode for handheld gimbals...even modes that work directly with Multi-rotor controllers for hybrid control. There are too many options to list. For a full list of features check out the manual under the files tab below or check out “SimpleBGC.com”. Basecam also has a huge on-line support community full of how-to videos and forums for tuning and creative ideas.

The Quanum AlexMos BGC is an unbeatable upgrade to your existing gimbal or perfect base for your new one.

**full support for the latest 2.3 Firmware updatable from the Basecam software.


Size: 50 x 50mm size with 45 x 45mm mounting hole pattern for M3 screws
Interface: Onboard USB
Access to serial port, so a Bluetooth can also be hooked for easy tuning.
Motor drivers: L6234 
Core: Atmega 328P with Alexmos Boot loader preinstalled
Controller weight: 15g
MPU: 6050 IMU included

2 axis
3rd axis expansion
Highly flexible silicon IMU cable 
Silicon connector for 3rd axis to 2 axis board.

**The price included a royalty fee for AlexMos software, the Boot loader is licensed

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