Spraying machine in manned WSZ-1805

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1. Low noise. The unmaned hlicoter adoptsheulra-qiet brushlessmotor, copared with raditional brush motor, this kinds of motor is characterized with high energy conversion efficiency and low noise.

2. This unmanned heliopter can take-off and landing vertically in a narrow space, compared with the fixed wing aircraft , this model has the advantage of more flexible when flying.

3.Smart structure, tiny look and atucture, small but complete, easy to maintenace. The set of mini unmanned helicopter can be put into a small carrying case so that it is cnvnient to bacpack.

4.With the super power system it can flight more flexible in the strong wind. With the autonomous navgation and stability control system it can flight like a bird.


Item Parameter Remark
Spraying flow 0.2-0.4L/min Adopt mini submersible pump,stability of output flow,two nozzles spraying at the same time
Droplet diameter 50-100um  
Flying speed 0-10m/s to ensure the spraying hight
Spraying width 3.5-5m More flux and better atomizing
Spraying speed 0-4m/s Adjustable it is better to keep at the speed of 2-4m/s
Launch weight =18kg More lighter ,more stability and flexible
Pesticide load Rately 5kg. Actually 7Kg Huge volume and long spraying time
Flight time 15-20 mins for one time  
Control efficiency 666-1332/min  
Flight hight 0-200m Flight altitude fix any crops
Spraying hight Field operation 2-4m  
Electrical machine Brushless DC motor Suitable for remote control and more stability
Staring system Wireless remote Adopt wireless remote and speed stability
The main rotor diameter 18 Rotors(single diameter 430mm) 18 rotors, 6 point positioning,take-off stable
Flight press airflow Outlet 13M/S,6M/S(after flighting 3 meters)  
Total size Unfold diameter 2450mm,hight 500mm Huge framefor more flux
Folding size 450*500*750mm Easy to transport
Temperature range -15°C-40°C Various spraying environment
Stability control system 3 axis gyro,3axis acceleration,3 axis magnetic compass sensor,GPS Map,stability control system,barometric altimeter,remote video monitoring  


Power lithium battery 24 4S 5200 mAh 
Integrantes charging system 2
meet cycle rechargeable 
Remote Control 1 
Set the video monitor 1 7-inch LCD display 
Voltage measuring 1 instrument 
Dosing pump and a 1 dedicated box 
Analog remote control and 1 CD-ROM 
Monitor lithium battery 
1 3S 2200 
Host transport case 1 
Battery exclusive box 1 combination 
Outfield exclusive box 1 combination 
Special tool kit 
1 Special 
10SE T 
generator sets 
1 satisfied use 
Paper bags assembled 1

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