Axial Mode Helical Antenna 5.8GHz Circular Wireless (SMA)

Quick Overview

101,64 €

We proudly hand out Wireless Circular Heliaxial58 tuned and impedance .

Helical antennas are designed for maximum range , taking a stricter approach to an Omni or patch style antenna.
Helical antennas also have a broader "tune" range and have high gain across the band of 5.8 Ghz .

The Heliaxial58 is supported by a framework of precision cutting polycarbonate and aluminum reflector 3 mm, each hand and the antenna impedance matched giving you a minimum return 12dbi tunes !
The SMA antenna includes 3 adapters let you achieve almost any angle installation configuration.

Helical antennas have a more limited for a greater range so its recommended to be used in a diversity system and installation or tracking antenna for the ultimate in video and lock range approach.

Bandwidth : 5645 - 5945Mhz
Gain 12.2dbi
Cross Polar Rejection : > 10dbi
Connection: SMA

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