Remzibi OSD 3DR

Quick Overview

89,00 €


1x Rembizi OSD main board
4x connectors
1x USB cable settings for PC


• PC connection for configuration / calibration
• No need for a free channel Receiver
• Automatic detection and configuration of GPS
• Automatically saves the home position c depending on the number of satellites - the button " save home position " works independently
• Configurable Metric units ( km / h ) or feet ( MPH)
• Resetting level altitude flight field configurable
• Fully configurable screen layout d (no more data cut around the edge of the screen as with other OSD)
• Graphical symbols and fonts configurable ( Font editor for creating your own symbols and characters)
• Calibration of voltages and all ADC inputs including alarms
• The calibration frequency Hz or RPM ( gain definable )
• The configuration of the PC software includes GPS emulator for testing and setup.
• Language- Editor currently available in English , Polish and French. Easy to use editor , so you can use it to translate into another language.
• Dimensions: 4cm x 2.7cm

Display options

• Latitude ( ddmm.mmmm or DD.DDDDDD format)
• Long ( or DD.DDDDDD ddmm.mmmm format)
• Speed ( k / h or mi / h )
• Altitude ( meters or feet)
• home direction arrow ( animated or user definable arrow )
• Distance home ( meters or feet )
• Number of satellites ( the quality of the GPS signal)
• Grades (0 º to 359 º)
• Battery voltage video (individual scale and calibration)
• Main Battery Voltage (Engine ) (single scale and calibration)
• Virtual ADC which keeps a running total consumption in mAh battery use
• Total Flight Time
• Vario (m / s or ft / s )
• UTC Time - UTC Date - Alarms for distance, ADC, no attitude , the battery voltages
• 32 independent data with configurable graphics characters
• Summary screen - after detection 0 speed for configurable X seconds , shows the maximum altitude, distance, speed (function can be disabled)
• 6-channel ADC for use with additional sensors , each can be individually calibrated and have an alarm setting , works with additional sensors (RSSI , air pressure , current sensor , temperature or anything else format with an analog output ) are shown as 123 or 123.4 can be chosen
• Frequency counter ( RCl nesecita resistor 220- 515ohm or T0 in new board ) , you can scale to all units by increasing Hz or RPM , works with magnetic sensor ( Halotron ) or optical .
is not compatible with the pilot ardu
NOTE : This version of the board has an error in the screen printing of the bottom " -, +, RSSI " , when it should be " RSSI , -, + ." Please be aware of this before using the product.

Remzibi's Configuration Tool (on Happy Killmore's page)

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