Fullymax HP 1600mAh 2S-3S 20C+

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High Power HP Series 20C+

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F 1600mAh 2S

FULLYMAX HP Series offers high capacity in a compact and lightweight package .
HP shows the longest cycle life among the LiPo and low weight .
You can enjoy safe flight and be satisfied with the longer life cycle .
If you want more energy during flight , choose this HP series .
The lithium ion polymer FULLYMAX use of lithium cobalt oxide (which has properties superior to high voltage cycle ) as the positive electrode and a highly crystalline carbon as the negative electrode . An optimized for the particular carbon , as the organic solvent electrolyte is used .
The lithium -ion polymer FULLYMAX is made of a substance capable of cyclic transfer of lithium - ion between two electrodes. The cell operates on the principle rocking charging and discharging , the lithium ions due to " rock" back and forth between positive and negative electrodes . This operating principle to improve the cycle life of the battery, since neither the anode or the cathode material of lithium polymer ion battery change essentially .
The chemical reactions for charging and discharging are as follows:
1.La equation of the electrochemical reaction of the positive electrode :

2.La equation of the electrochemical reaction of the negative electrode :

3.La electrochemical reaction equation of the whole:


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