Emisora DJI DT7 + Receptor DR16

Quick Overview

119,00 €

A total solution for fans
Works great with flight control systems DJI requiring only a single cable D -Bus , and
provides two switches and a slider control for the tilt motion of the gimbal . This is emisoar
perfect to combine with a flight control system and the Naza -M gimbal zenmuse H3 -2D . It is the solution
Total for the fans.
The best option for a remote control input level. Simple , convenient and equipped with spring in the Stick
focusing when released , putting his aircraft hovering automatically . It takes only 4
AA batteries.
DR16 D -Bus Receiver
Safe and easy to install, the receiver DR16 D -Bus supports up to 16 channels.
DJI Spread Spectrum technology improved
Effective control distance up to 1000m and technology wireless remote control ISM band
2.4GHz. These frequency hopping and spread spectrum technologies resist interference , which
allows multiple remotes at once lit interfienan without each other , while
provides reliable remote communications.
Frequency 2.4GHz ISM Distance ( open field) 1000m
Features 2 ,7 -stick - channels
Consumption 100mA @ 6V
Requires 4 AA Batteries

DJI Receiver DR16
Features Frequency 2.4GHz system D -BUS
Sensivilida Rx (1% PER) - 97dBm
Consumption 145mA @ 5V
4 ~ 8.4V Power Supply
Size 41mmX29mmX5mm
weight 10g