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Phantom 2 + H3 2D

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749,00 €

The Phantom 2 is incredibly easy to fly . Combined with Gimbal Zenmuse H3- 2D
aerial photography and video has never been easier . It is lightweight , durable and perfect for travel.
- Improved flight time ( up to 25 minutes
- Small and easy to carry
- Real Flight , see what the camera sees and let yourself be carried away by the quality of the image as if
you 're in heaven . ( GorPro camera is needed to install the Gimbal )
- Easy to install the OSD , to have real tiemopo all flight details. More fun to
Time to fly . ( Information option mini IOSD )
Intelligent flight battery : High capacity and high performance polymer battery 5200mAh
the battery provides up to 25 minutes of flight time . Also provides data on the ability of the
battery protection loading / unloading and maintenance reminders make the battery
It is extremely safe and reliable
LiPo Battery 5200mAh
Battery level indicator LEDs
All in one charger
Use Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Easy battery replacement : Integrated Behavior that allows battery changes concerned
New Helices 9 " high efficiency DJI
Auto torque during flight
25 % Increased Efficiency
better acceleration
extremely stable
Schedule your flight path of an iPad and has 16 waypoint, have greater accuracy
- Fly beyond visual range
- Mission Planner
- Ground Station
All- in - One New Design ( Phantom 2 The best design )
- Auto apriet the propellers
- Pueto Micro USB on the front ( easy to connect )
- Pueto CAN -Bus expansion ( in landing gear ) easily and quickly connect one IOSD mini .
- Easy Battery extraction.
Weight 1000g .
Dimension 19x19x18 Cm.
Flight time 25 min
- Reach more than 1km
- Frequency 2.4Ghz
- Stick focused , easy flight, and when you release the controls automatically the phantom fly steady 2
automatic .
- Gimbal Control for moviento Pich
The precision flight
Autopilot system offers integrated GPS holding position , altitude and hovering lock
stable allows the focus was on the take.
BACK HOME / Interuptor Back Home. Auto - Return- to-Home / One -key - Go
If the Phantom 2 once in flight, skip the FAIL SAFE , the system will activate back home and landed in
You can also schedule a function with a switch to turn on the radio back home
manually . You have to configure it from the software wizard .
NAZA Phantom 2 V2 + GPS
H3 Zensmuse 2D
2.4Ghz Transmitter with integrated diversity receiver and installed in Phantom 2
DJI Propellers New 9 " with integrated clamping cones and self
Smart Charger
11.1V 5200mAh LiPo Battery
USB Cable for updates / advanced settings


Ready to Fly , Quad- rotor Multifunctional System
Customized H3 -2D Gimbal Support
Precision and Stable Hovering Flight
25min Flight Time & Intelligent Battery
Auto Return- to-Home & Landing
Advanced Power Management
Orientation Intelligent Control ( IOC)
Easy Battery Replacement
Self -tightening Propeller
Video Downlink Support
CAN -Bus Expansion Module
Weight ( w Battery) Hover Accuracy (Ready to Fly) Max Yaw Angular Velocity Max Tilt Angle
1000g Vertical: ± 0.8m ;
Horizontal: 200 ° ± 2.5m / s 35 °
Max Ascent / Descent Flight Speed Max Speed Diagonal Length Power Consumption
6m / s 15m / s ( Not Recommended ) 5.6W 350mm
Flight Time Take- off Weight Supported Operating Temperature Battery
25mins 1.3kg MAX -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C DJI Intelligent Battery
DJI INTELLIGENT BATTERY Type Capacity Charging Discharging Environment Environment Range Range
3S LiPo 5200mAh , 11.1V 0 ? to 40 ? -20 ? to 50 ?
REMOTE CONTROL Operating Frequency 2.4GHz Communication Distance (open area) Receiver Sensitivity ( 1 % PER) Working Current / Voltage
1000m- 97dBm 2.4GHz ISM 100 mA @ 6V
4 AA Batteries

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