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Jeti Duplex 2.4EX R11 EPC Receiver

Quick Overview

90,15 €

The Jeti Duplex 2.4EX R11 EPC receiver from Jeti is an eleven channel 2.4GHz receiver with end sockets and satellite receiver support. The R11, like all Duplex receivers is fully compatible with all Jeti Duplex telemetry sensors.

Being an EPC type receiver, the R11 features an external power cord, which allows simple connection of your battery when using a Multiplex high current socket. We find this type of connection slightly easier to manage because there is no need to interfere with servo or sensor connections, thus reducing wear on the more sensitive connections to the receiver.

The 200mm antennae allow easy routing within your model and the slim shape and end-mounted sockets generally allow the R11 receiver to be mounted even in radio controlled models with slim fuselages.

Made in Czech Republic.