MT30A-OPTO-HE Maximize


Quick Overview

18,30 €

ApplicationRC Airplanes, Helicopters , Multicopters
Lipo2 - 6Cells
Burst current ( 10sec )
Card 35A
NiMh6 - 18CellsNet
Size (mm ) (L x W x H ) 51x25x9
DeviceTransmitter Schedule / Program
has the same software Harrier - Suprem Series also used airplanes and helicopters for both.

Key Features:
Extremely low internal resistance.
Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity .
Power arming protection : Prevents the engine run When activated accidentally .
He lost the protection of the signal from the accelerator :
The ESC will automatically angiograms output power to the motor when a loss of throttle signal is detected for 1 second.
A subsequent loss of throttle signal beyond 3 seconds will cause the ESC automatically to cut power to the motor.

Safety Thermal Overload Protection :
Automatically reduce output power to half when the temperature reaches 110 degrees Celsius. Restoration output power when the temperature is below 110 degrees Celsius.
Governor Mode: For the purposes of the helicopter.
Power arming protection .

Programmable function parameters to meet your specific needs.

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